Monday, November 21, 2011

Third Trimester: bring it on!!

I have officially made it to the third trimester!!! This feels like such a big accomplishment. The first trimester seemed like it took forever to get through. I think it was from all of the waiting we had to do. Waiting to tell our friends and family. Waiting to find out the sex. Waiting to see if/when the morning sickness would start. I thought I was never going to make it to the second trimester. The second trimester on the other hand seemed to just fly by. I can't believe its already over actually. So I am ready to see what this third trimester has to bring. In the meantime here are a few things I've learned so far as a pregnant woman:

1. It takes a while to actually feel pregnant. I'm not sure if this goes for everyone but for some reason it took me the longest time to actually realize there was a baby inside me.

2. People are a lot nicer to you when they know your pregnant. I'm loving all of the smiles I get from strangers. I wish in general people would just smile more. So I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

3. I've gained a lot more weight then I planned. I'm the type of person that normally has no problem managing my weight. Well that all went out the window with this pregnancy. I'm trying to convince myself that as long as the baby and I are healthy I can worry about the weight loss after the baby is born. Bring on the P90X!!

4. I'm limited a lot more then I imagined. I guess I never thought there would be so much to miss out on. Like eating/drinking certain things. Not being able to participate in activities. Mostly it was during the summer like missing out on water sports/rafting. And then this winter it will be skiing. The biggest one of all though is missing out on our Family cruise in a few weeks. I just have to keep reminding myself its all worth it!!

5. And then there's the emotional roller coaster. I thought for some reason I was going to get away without this. Wow was I wrong!! These last few weeks I feel like any little thing can get the tears flowing. At least I'm now more prepared when it happens!

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