Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let the blogging begin.........

So with baby girl on the way I guess it's a perfect time to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Hopefully this will help to keep all of my friends and family updated during this major Fetters family milestone. Being first time parents I am sure there will be many interesting stories to come. And knowing me there will definitely be some randomness along the way!

I was wanting to share my US pic's but apparently they got packed away with the rest of my life. For those of you that don't know me and the Mr. sold our house. Finally!! We have been trying to sell that thing since 2009. The only problem is this time on the market it sold faster then we thought it would. Which means we are basically homeless. Okay not totally homeless we are lucky enough that the in-laws let us move into the basement. But like I said basically homeless. So until I get to unpack my life I guess I only have belly pics to share.

                                                2 Months Pregnant

                                                       4 Months Pregnant
                                             5 Months Pregnant

                                            6 Months Pregnant

        Yep there is definitely a baby in there!                                                             


  1. Yay, so glad you jumped on the bandwagon : )

  2. Ashley,

    I couldn't be happier for you and Josh! I am so excited you are having a little girl, they are tons of fun! You have the most adorable belly! Love the belly shots. I am so happy you sent me this link, I will look forward to keeping up with you. I would love for us to catch up and have lunch sometime.
    Love, Miranda

  3. Cant wait to see all the beautiful pics of the family :)