Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I tend to do a lot of internet searching and research. Its something I have always enjoyed. So ever since I read how easy it was to make baby food I knew it was something I wanted to try.  Well I decided Sunday was the day. I felt that carrots where probably a safe bet. So I bought some organic carrots and gave it a whirl.

 Here are the carrots washed and peeled

Next I cut them into small pieces I tried to make them the same size but quickly realized I lack in my cutting skills. Watching Top Chef religiously apparently doesn't make your knife skills any better.

I put my mixed matched carrot pieces in the steamer basket on the stove. I think I might need to invest in a better steamer for the future. The carrots barely fit and it took about 30 min to get the carrots to soften. Apparently since carrots are a root vegetable they carry a lot of nitrates so steaming is the best way to cook them for baby food. (the things you learn with internet research)

After they were soften I put them in the blender. This was the part I was little sad I didn't have any breast milk to mix in but water seemed to do the trick. 

Since I don't have the greatest blender it took a while to get the consistency I wanted. I really want a baby bullet but the frugal self inside me knows the blender worked just fine. 

The finally product. I had some breast milk storage containers I never used and I have to say it worked perfectly for the baby food. 

Here's Kenadie trying out Mammas cooking. It took her a few mins to adjust to the taste but in the end I think she liked it. 

So there it is my first attempt at baby food. I am pretty impressed with how easy it was and how great it turned out. I can't wait to try a new vegetable next week!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to the blogging world!

 Kenadie's been growing like a weed!

WEIGHT: 10 lbs 2.5oz- 20th%
HEIGHT: 23.25in - 82nd%

WEIGHT: 14lbs 3.5oz- 49th%
HEIGHT: 26in- 96th%

WEIGHT: 17lbs 6.5oz- 74th%
HEIGHT 27.75in- 99th%

Kenadie has come a long way in weight from 20% to the 74%. She is also still so long!! 

We feel so lucky to have such happy baby.  She rarely cries or fusses. And she can always be found with a smile on her face!! Here are a few of the precious monuments I have captured over the past few months. 

2 MONTHS: Where did all that hair go!!!




 Kenadie loves camping
 And the swings!!!