Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick Update

Today I had my follow up ultra sound and 30 week check up. After the stressful week I just had it was so nice to get some good news. The ultra sound I had at 18 weeks looked like I might have placenta previa.  I was so discouraged that I might inevitably have to have a c-section. Well after the measurements taken today this is no longer an issue!! I cant even explain how relieved I am by this. The ultra sound also showed that baby girl is growing well and is weighing 3lbs 6oz.  She is in the 40% percentile so far and is estimated to weigh 6-7lbs at birth. She is also head down which is nice that we don't have to worry about her being breach.  (or like I told Josh this evening she is locked and loaded) I cant wait to meet her!!

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